Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn Care:

Lawn care service on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  For best results we recommend a weekly lawn care service, however, you may choose what ever fits your needs.  Our service price is based on the size of your lot, weekly or bi-weekly service, and what day of the week you prefer to have your lawn cared for.


Scalping removes the dormant grass that has accumulated over the winter months.  Scalping is the process of cutting the grass low, at the beginning of the growing season (March to April), and bagging the dead grass clippings.  We can do this service upon request.

Bed, Brush & Beyond Service

At Yard Dawgs we have two-men Bed & Brush crews that can trim, clean, or install, your plants, beds, shrubs, or mulch in order that you may enjoy them for the entire season.  

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Yard Dawgs services the commercial lawn care service and landscape market also.  Please contact us for a custom proposal that will meet your lawn care service, landscape, and budget needs.

Other Services

Yard Dawgs is a very diverse lawn care service and landscape organization.  We are adding services to our menu continually.  If you have a needed service, please contact us for a custom quote.


Beat the Heat package

Includes:  Mowing, String Trimming, Edging and Hard surface blowing.  

This service is performed weekly during the rainy season and bi-weekly or as needed in the
off season.  Plant, Bed maintenance and Tree trimming are available at an additional cost

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Residential:  Full Service Package

Includes: Mowing, String Trimming, Edging, Hard Surface blowing, Bed Maintenance, Driveway
and Sidewalk Weed Maintenance, Hedge and Plant Trimming and Palm Tree Trimming.
As well as fertalization.

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Commercial: Full Service

Our commercial accounts are always full service.  We will do
everything you need and more to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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